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03 / 10 2017

For UL-conformity, the XENAX® servo controllers need to be used with the BEC to guarantee voltage levels during dynamic braking within VDC A Levels.

The Brake Energy Converter (BEC) is a hardware device to convert Back Electromagnetic Force (Back-EMF) energy into heat during motor deceleration. An internal voltage sense circuit ensures that the output voltage does not increase about 10 percent over the input voltage.

With this device, XENAX® servo controllers are protectedagainst overvoltage in high-speed applications. The protection only occurs on the PW lines. No protection on LG lines.

The XENAX® Servocontroller/s need to be used with the Brake Energy Converter to stay within the 36 VDC A Limits
Integral solid state short circuit protection does not provide branch circuit protection. Branch circuit protection must be provided in accordance with the National Electrical Code and any additional local codes.

These products are intended for operation within circuits not connected directly to the supply mains (galvanically isolated from the supply).

Certificato UL